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Handcrafted from Our Tea Gardens to Your Cup

Handcrafted from Our Tea Gardens to Your Cup

Dilmah produces the finest Ceylon tea in the world. Our teas are grown at three main elevations in Sri Lanka and we celebrate the subtle variations of the teas that each tea-producing region produces; the natural goodness and their unique characteristics. Tasting over 5,000 cups of tea each week, quality and authenticity of the freshest Ceylon teas are maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process, from handpicking two leaves and a bud to the final stage where it is packed with care at the source to deliver the best tea directly to you.

What Makes Our Teas Unique and Special?

We focus on providing exceptional teas by focusing on the elements that drive taste and emphasise the goodness of the tea, while ensuring that your cuppa serves a purpose to the world. Here’s what sets Dilmah Ceylon Tea above the rest.


Ceylon tea is undeniably unique in its taste. With tea originating from three different elevations; high, mid and low grown, each type is varied in their taste, colour, strength, aroma and texture due to the elusive elements that form the true quality in tea. The characteristics of Ceylon teas are heavily influenced by its terroir; and by nature, itself; from soil and wind conditions to moisture and precipitation levels. Dilmah is unique in maintaining an unwavering commitment to the integrity of origin.


Every sip of Dilmah Ceylon tea promises an exquisite taste and a rich goodness that comes from the commitment and passion to quality. We believe there is no better tea maker than nature and we nurture the terroir of each tea region by respecting the artisanal style of how it’s made. Ceylon tea is completely natural and rich in antioxidants, providing a wealth of benefits to the drinker.


Being ethical is Dilmah’s key purpose. We share a minimum of 10% from our global earnings by funding the work of the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Foundation. Your Dilmah Ceylon tea is more than just a cup of tea; it fuels change towards the less fortunate communities of Sri Lanka and the planet that produced the finest teas on our island. Our business is a matter of human service. Enjoy your Dilmah tea with the knowledge that each cup is promoting positive humanitarian and environmental impact and is aiding communities and ecosystems.