Christmas Gif-tea-ing Ideas

Christmas Gif-tea-ing Ideas

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those perfect gifts to give your family and friends. 


Tea is a gift that will keep giving throughout the year for the common tea drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Here are Dilmah’s suggestions of gifts that are sure to make your loved ones feel special, comforted and thought of all year round:


Christmas Specials

Every year, Dilmah has a collection of special offers for the season of love and joy; Teas that are specifically picked to suit the themes of Christmas and spread the cheer. This year is no different with a range of offers and special deals on almost every purchase of tea. Your tea loving friends and family are sure to love these:


Iced Tea Cordials

Dilmah’s Iced Tea Cordials are the perfect gift this season as it can be enjoyed over the Christmas season as well as during the different seasons of the coming year. The fruity flavours as well as the classical black tea cordial are a perfect pairing for food on any occasion. 


White Tea for a White Christmas

Ceylon Silvertips also known as White Tea, with a name that is so Christmassy, is one of the purest forms of tea. With a minimum amount of processing, this tea retains all its goodness and natural taste. Tea connoisseurs are sure to appreciate and enjoy a cup of Silvertips this Christmas season. 


t-Series Teas

Dilmah t-Series teas are beautifully packaged in tins that are designed to keep the tea fresh for longer. They come in a range of Christmas colours and can be added to a gift hamper or can be even gifted separately. Each tea is unique and there is a choice of them to enjoy from. 


Fun Tea Selection Teas

Dilmah’s Fun Tea Selection is a fun play with flavours, and this is evident in the available range of teas to choose from. From fruity tinges of peach and lychee to the more healthy but flavourful ginger black tea, these teas are sure to delight you during the festive season. 

Luxury Timber Presenter - 60 tea bags

This beautifully crafted wooden box is sure to delight anyone. It acts as a beautiful keepsake with 6 different types of tea to be enjoyed by the recipient. More tea can always be added to the box once they run out. 


Tea Accessories 

These are the gifts that are perfect for your tea connoisseur family and friends. Dilmah’s range of tea accessories that include the innovative mugs and teapots make the art of tea making easier, and every individual who loves the process will appreciate the elegant, practical and beautiful accessories that are available. 


Effortless Tea Infuser

Specially designed for easy brewing of loose-leaf tea, our tea infuser will sit right over the rim of your cup and let you relax while you make the perfect cup of tea. This is a perfect gift for those tea connoisseurs in your life who like to brew a cup of tea in the traditional way. Pair it with Dilmah’s loose leaf tea to really make the Christmas season special. 


Thetiere, Leaf Tea Infuser

This beautiful infuser is the perfect gift for tea lovers and connoisseurs alike as it allows a true appreciation of the process of brewing as well as the enjoyment of the unique taste of the tea, whatever loose leaf tea they choose to have. Gift it with a few different loose-leaf teas from Dilmah for that perfect Christmas. 


t-Series Double Wall Glass

This modern design of a teacup is a great way to enjoy the brewing process of a cup of tea, while ensuring you can hold it comfortably without fear of burning your hands. Tea lovers of all ages will appreciate this beautiful gift as it truly allows a moment of respite in life to watch the tea brew. 


Dilmah Iced Tea Glass

Iced Tea is a quick and easy beverage to make and it is one that will relax and refresh. Dilmah’s specially designed iced tea glass is a perfect gift for the hot summer days to enjoy a nice cup of refreshing tea. 


Tea Gift Cards

With Dilmah’s beautifully designed Gift cards ranging from $30 to $500, you can choose an option that suits your budget and will also give the recipient the freedom to choose what they would like to have for their tea times. It’s the perfect gift for all lovers of tea! 

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