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Vivid Ceylon Breakfast Tea – 225G Leaf Tea

225 grams per pack | 90 servings per pack
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225g of loose leaf tea in an airtight tin caddy containing tea from Ceylon’s western high grown region that produces a perfectly balanced tea with a ruby red liquor. An invigorating brew to wake up to.

Tasting Notes

An essential gourmet tea experience; tea from Ceylon’s western high grown region, where the varying climatic conditions produce a perfectly balanced tea. A ruby red liquor yields the best of Ceylon in a tea that offers richness, depth and the slightly grassy, bright note of high quality, fresh tea. Neither too strong nor too light, a delicious tea to wake up to, to revive or simply relax with. A tea for connoisseurs. From Dilmah’s Vivid Tea Selection, this Ceylon Breakfast Tea variety contains 225g of loose leaf tea in an airtight tin caddy that protects the tea’s freshness and aroma.

Distinctive Features

Pure Ceylon Black tea, no additives
Mood Association
Destress, Focused
Tea Flavours
Caffeine Level
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Brewing Information

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100% Single Origin Pure Ceylon Black Tea

The Finest Tea in the World!

Travelling through the misty winding roads of Sri Lanka’s famous hill country, you suddenly glimpse acres of lush emerald green rising up and sloping down the misty canyons. Sri Lanka’s tea country is endowed with cascading waterfalls, rising mountain tops and natural beauty. Established during the late 19th century by the British colonial masters, these tea gardens along with their beauty speak of a labour of love. Each day, thousands of tea pickers pick with nimble fingers the two leaves and bud which is then manufactured in the traditional way with the art of the teamaker and nature’s best coming together. Cultivated over centuries, these gardens gave the island (then Ceylon), its firm place in the hearts of tea drinkers around the world for that delicious brew unmatched in taste and variety – Ceylon Tea.

Elevation -
Caffine Level Medium
Tea Grade Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (BOPF)