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Ran Watte Single Region Tea - 100G Leaf Tea

100 grams per pack | 40 servings per pack
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100g loose leaf tea in an airtight tin caddy containing high grown single region Ceylon tea grown at an elevation of 6,000 feet above sea level. The brew provides a delicate infusion, light and mellow with a smooth taste and citrusy aroma. In the style of fine Champagne!

Tasting Notes

Ran Watte Single Region Ceylon tea is grown at a peak high elevation of 6,000 feet above sea level. In keeping with the characteristics of high grown Ceylon tea, this brew provides a Golden orange colour similar to a well-aged amontillado sherry. Smooth, with a pinch of spiciness and a fine aroma with some peach and other citrus fruit. A delicate infusion, light and mellow. In the style of fine Champagne! From Dilmah’s Watte Boutique Tea collection, this Ran Watte Single Region Ceylon Tea variety contains 100g loose leaf tea in an airtight tin caddy that protects the tea’s freshness and aroma.

Distinctive Features

Pure Ceylon Black tea, no additives
Tea Grading
Serve With
Best Taken Straight, Honey, Lemon
Tea Flavours
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Brewing Information

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Ran Watte: Peak Elevation Ceylon Tea

Highest elevation, at 6000 feet above sea level

The strong attributes of this tea are its elegance, finesse and length of flavour. Very much a fine aperitif style. Clearly at 6,000+ feet of altitude, the climate in which this tea is grown is quite cool and this is reflected in the fine elegant structure of the brewed beverage. These same characteristics are usually found in the wines made from grapes grown in cool climates. A lighter bodied beverage, in many ways similar in texture to a fine manzanilla or amontillado sherry.

Elevation 6,000+
Caffine Level Medium
Tea Grade Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP)