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Premium Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea - 50 Tea Bags

50 bags per pack | 50 servings per pack
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50 tea bags of decaffeinated Ceylon black tea. Using the best available eco friendly natural process aids, this tea has been gently decaffeinated, whilst retaining the unique chemical composition of fresh tea leaves that impart the quality characteristics in good tea.

Tasting Notes

Have yourself a cuppa and let your hair down. This deliciously indulgent decaffeinated tea is truly refreshing, providing you a much wanted boost to start your day. This tea has been decaffeinated in the gentlest manner possible, using the best eco friendly natural process aids which allow the fresh leaves to retain their unique chemical composition. Dilmah decaffeinated tea contains all the quality characteristics of a good cup of tea with nothing amiss except the caffeine. Dilmah Premium Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea consists of 50 tea bags.

Distinctive Features

Decaffeinated tea, no additives
Tea Flavours
Caffeine Level
Caffeine Free
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