Oolong Tea

t-Series Vsrt Single Estate Oolong - 100G Leaf Tea

100 grams per pack | 40 servings per pack
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100g of loose leaf tea in an airtight tin caddy containing a delicate and gentle Oolong tea that is more earthy than typical green teas.

Tasting Notes

Producing Oolong – known as Black Dragon Tea in China - is an especially demanding art. This semi-fermented tea is a midpoint between green and black teas, offering the lightness of green and the character of black tea. Oolong originated in 18th Century Fujian and its dark green, well twisted leaf produces a mellow, pleasing infusion when brewed. This is a delicate and gentle tea, more earthy than typical green teas, yet more fragrant and lighter than most black teas. From Dilmah’s t-Series Very Special Rare Tea (VSRT) collection, this t-Series Single Estate Oolong variety contains 100g of loose leaf tea in an airtight tin caddy that protects the tea’s freshness and aroma.

Distinctive Features

Oolong tea, no additives
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