Merrill J. Fernando established his business on family values and humanity, which naturally led him to commit to the unique philosophy of ‘making business a matter of human service’. Rejecting the commercialisation of ethics, Dilmah stays true to its Founders’ Philosophy which was crystallised at a time when ethics and social responsibility were neither as much in the public eye as they are today, nor considered even to be amongst the responsibilities of business.

Dilmah has a strong history in ethics and sustainability. A business established on love for tea and stewarded by a life dedicated to the herb must have an enduring connection with tea and the millions of people whose survival depends on it. Ultimately, we want to ensure that tea continues to be enjoyed today and for generations to come. We want to create a truly sustainable tea industry that is good for people, communities and the planet.

Find out more about Dilmah’s sustainability practices below;

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01. Pure Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea, grown in Sri Lanka, has a reputation for being the finest tea in the world. This reputation is the result of Sri Lanka’s unique topography, its soil management, the climate and the nourishing monsoon rains. All this adds up to a terroir unmatched anywhere else in the world. Dilmah owes its success to the quality of Ceylon tea.

02. Unblended

Dilmah founder Merrill J Fernando promised to give you the finest, true to source, unblended tea. There is no compromise on taste and authenticity with unblended tea. By comparison, blended tea sacrifices authenticity, freshness and compromises quality.

03. Garden Fresh Tea

In tea freshness is as important as quality, for fresh tea is richer in flavour, aroma and antioxidants giving a brew that is full of character, flavour and goodness. In Dilmah garden fresh tea you will find subtle characteristics that come from the terroir of the land and a tea that is rich in antioxidants and full of flavour.

04. Single Origin Tea

Origin defines the character, the identity and the terroir of tea. These are the influences that form the personality and flavour in tea. Dilmah is unwavering in its commitment to using only single origin tea protecting the integrity of origin in all of its teas.

05. A Teamaker With Passion

The complexity of tea making is an art that Merrill J Fernando has devoted his life to. Now with his sons Dilhan and Malik, six decades of experience and dedication to quality and integrity is what makes Dilmah different.

06. Ethical Tea

Rejecting the commercialisation of ethics, Dilmah stays trues to its Founder’s philosophy of making business a matter of human service. Our success is shared, with a minimum 10% of global earnings funding the work of the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation, transforming thousands of lives.

07. Finest Quality

Dilmah’s uncompromising quality is guaranteed. From the handpicking, to the tasting over 5000 teas each week, we ensure that only the freshest tea, picked and packed at source is brought to your cup.

08. Tradition

Traditional, artisanal style manufacture demands expertise at each step. Tea is a delicate herb and requires complete attention from the handpicking of two leaves and a bud to the final stages of manufacture. Dilmah’s adherence to traditional methods does not compromise the soul of tea.

09. Natural

In each cup of tea you get nature’s blessing - from the colour of the liquid to the aroma and the taste. Because tea is naturally good with it’s abundance of anti-oxidants, Dilmah believes that in partnering with nature we are tasked with nuturing the terroir and so we show our respect for nature with our artisinal style of production.

10. Authentic

Our commitment to the authenticity and heritage of Camellia Sinensis [real tea] and the terroir of specific tea-growing regions in Sri Lanka, means that we uphold traditional manufacture, selecting each tea for its quality by tasting for their subtle variations, goodness and character.

11. Pioneering

Dilmah was the first producer-owned tea company to offer tea to consumers direct from the tea gardens ending the colonial economic model. The vision to bring ‘fair’ tea to the world led eventually to innovations like Dilmah Seasonal Flush Tea, the Dilmah School of Tea and the Tea Gastronomy programme to share the pleasure of tea with millions.

12. Sustainability

Millions of people depend on the Ceylon tea industry and it has been Dilmah founder, Merrill J Fernando’s dream to strive for a better future for all engaged in tea growing and production. His philanthropic work extends to the conservation as well as his charitable foundation which seek to address the industry’s humanitarian and environmental issues.