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Herbal Infusions, Rooibos Tea

Red Rooibos Moringa Chilli Cocoa & Cardamom Infusion - 20 Tea Bags

20 bags per pack | 20 servings per pack
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20 tea bags of natural herb and spice infusions filled with Red Rooibos, Moringa, Chilli, Cocoa and Cardamom; a minty blend of sweet and savoury spices that is delicious in taste and potent in wellness… enjoyed hot or iced!

Tasting Notes

Dilmah Infusions are a beautiful combination of authentic Sri Lankan spices, herbs and their amazing functional ability. Elegant in terms of its clarity and brightness and rich, both in its taste and fragrance. This product contains a natural herb and spice infusion of Red Rooibos, Moringa, Chilli, Cocoa and Cardamom. A profusion of mint, sweet & savoury spice followed by a lingering finish of mild chilli. This Dilmah Infusions product contains 20 tea bags of Red Rooibos, Moringa, Chilli, Cocoa and Cardamom for a healthy and delicious brew, whether you take it hot or iced.

Distinctive Features

Red Rooibos with Cardamom pods, Peppermint leaves , Cocoa beans , Moringa leaves , Clove buds and Chili
Mood Association
Calm, Focused
Serve With
Best Taken Straight
Tea Flavours
Caffeine Level
Caffeine Free
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