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Signing up for a Dilmah account also entitles you to our loyalty program. Your account is your special page which consists of all the information you have provided including your past orders. You will also be able to view and track your current orders along with the transit location of your shipped orders.

We periodically send you Newsletters with promotional products, discounts and notices when limited edition rare teas are introduced. Please don’t forget to tick the Newsletter subscription.

Registered customers can request for special custom product bundles via Special Order Page

Countries we ship to

We ship within Australia

I have paid for the order but have not received a confirmation

Your order payments are confirmed on-screen as well as by an order confirmation email. Leave a few minutes after payment and check your inbox and spam folder for your order confirmation. If you encounter any error message on-screen or did not receive an order confirmation, please contact us at customerservice@dilmah.com.au before attempting a new order.

If you have already placed multiple orders and wish to cancel, please contact us at customerservice@dilmah.com.au

Please add @dilmah.com.au to your spam filter white list.

I have requested to reset my password but have not received a reply

Your password recovery requests are sent by email. Leave a few minutes after your request and check your inbox and spam folder. If you encounter any error message on-screen or did not receive the password recovery email, please contact us at customerservice@dilmah.com.au before attempting a new request. Please add @dilmah.com.au to your spam filter white list.

I see a “Page Expired” message

This may happen due to many reasons. Your page may have timed-out, hence please refresh the page or go back one step and re-try filling the form. If the error persists, please contact us at customerservice@dilmah.com.au

Buying Accessories

We offer a select range of accessories online, which can be safely transported. There is a 10% Tax applied for Accessories & Presenters.

Privacy and security of your payments and credit card numbers

When you pay for your order, the information is directly typed on to the bank’s (payment gateway) secure websites; we do not receive or retain your payment or credit card information on our website.

Order Cancellation

Orders may be cancelled by notice to customerservice@dilmah.com.au upto 2 days from the date of order placement, and if the parcel is not already in transit

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