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Exceptional Chamomile Flowers - 42G Leaf Tea

42 grams per pack | 20 servings per pack
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An airtight tin caddy containing 42g loose leaf pure Chamomile infusion for an exceptionally calming brew.

Tasting Notes

Chamomile is a gentle and relaxing herb enjoyed by many as a tonic for centuries. Chamomile has a serene character and wonderful aroma. The daisy-like Chamomile flower, where the subtle flavour is concentrated, has an uplifting aroma reminiscent of apples. It is often enjoyed as a gentle, naturally caffeine free infusion in the evening. Dilmah Exceptional Chamomile Flowers contains 42g of loose leaf tea in an airtight tin caddy that protects the tea’s freshness and aroma.

Distinctive Features

Chamomile flowers, no additives.
Mood Association
Tea Flavours
Caffeine Level
Caffeine Free
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